Consciousness Is Growing Up

The wristband pictured above is from my attendance at Lee Carroll’s “The Best of Kryon” presentation in Berkeley Springs, WV, on April 2, 2016. It’s signed “Kryon” (not visible in the photo). This was one of a series of “Transition Talks” hosted by John L. Petersen, founder of the Arlington Institute. The Kryon website offers many free audios and books available for purchase.

IMG_2281Carroll is an enthusiastic, high-energy presenter. He covered many topics from reincarnation to the bell curve, physics, the earth’s magnetic grid, consciousness, energy, potentials, intuition, DNA, the smart body he calls the “innate,” and what works to communicate with the innate for optimum health and well-being, in addition to two live channelings. In the middle of all this, he asked the audience what we thought was the predominant life lesson for incarnate souls at this time. There were many answers voiced, but I wasn’t ready for the answer he gave: self-worth.

Carroll/Kryon disclosed that of the audience at that moment (approximately 150 people), not one of us was living our very first lifetime on earth. He said all the men had given birth in another life and all the women had killed someone on a battlefield. The predominant lesson for all of us is self-worth. I have been present on many occasions to witness different people channeling various nonphysical teachers. One of the similarities between these sessions is the love and respect for human beings that is palpable.

Carroll told us that consciousness is growing up. He used the analogy of children on the playground throwing sticks and stones and calling each other names. After a few more years they put down the sticks and stones. Now instead of calling names they ask each other, “Do you want to hang out and do something cool?” Consciousness is growing up. This is happening both individually and collectively. Yes, it seems we have a ways to go!

Source/All That Is/God (whatever name you wish to give the Collective) understands that consciousness is growing up; until it moves beyond childhood, childish actions will prevail. As a parent, I would not love my tenth grader more than my third grader. The God of my perception loves the seed, the flower, and every stage in between equally. That doesn’t mean I don’t protect the child prone to hurting him or herself. It doesn’t mean that I don’t stop the child from harming others. But I honor the human being with love and respect as a spiritual being in an earth suit, even when I don’t condone his or her actions. The words “they know not what they do” come to mind.

It seems that when I see others as worthy of love no matter what, it’s easier to see myself that way. And vice versa. Of course, esteem-able actions promote the building of self-esteem. However, even after making many positive lifestyle changes, even after using my experience as an alcoholic/addict to help others desiring to recover, negative thoughts pop up when something in my present reminds me of something in my past that I have not fully resolved. This occurs with less frequency and it’s not as loud as it once was. However, the occasional “I should be better than this by now” still appears.

Once I become aware that I’m having this negative thought, first I look within to see if there’s an action I need to take or change and do it. If there’s nothing I’m guided to say or do differently, I choose to view the negative thought as “coming up to be healed not because it’s true.” (The Inner Connection) Then I bring it to the healing light of higher consciousness with prayer and meditation. I ask my Higher Power, “How do you see me?” Then take a few deep breaths and just be. Now the predominant feeling is that I truly am loved. Imagine the difference in your attitude and actions through the remainder of the day coming from a feeling of unworthiness or coming from love.

The sentiment on the wristband is a reminder I both need and appreciate. When I feel loved, I get the warm fuzzies and feel worthy. I’ve found that self-acceptance, compassion, and love create the fertile ground that makes spiritual and emotional growth possible, inspiring more conscious choices in daily life. Consciousness growing up!

What do you think?