Spring Housing Market and Security


My husband and I met with a Realtor yesterday. We’ve been talking for years about moving, once we both retired. Finally, the time has come! I should probably mention that I sold real estate back in the eighty’s. Although I’m familiar with much of what needs to happen, a lot has changed in thirty years. And facilitating a sale for someone else is not nearly as emotionally challenging as buying and selling personally.

After giving the Realtor and her protégé the house tour, we sat down to discuss the many details of listing the house and buying another, hopefully without having to move temporarily in between the two.

On the listing side, we talked about work we would complete prior to putting the house on the market. This included installing new countertops, updating one bathroom, replacing the deck, and a little paint. We estimated this would take us about two months to complete.

We reviewed other homes that sold in the past six months and discussed the list price of our home. Then we studied the net sheet showing estimated closing costs and the amount we could expect to walk away with after settlement. Of course, it wouldn’t be burning a hole in our pockets, as we’d be using most of it to put down on the new home.

Now for the buying side of the equation. This can be the scary part for me. We have no idea where we want to move. Well, let me rephrase that. We have no idea where we want to move, that we think we can afford. While scouting around over the past year, we found many beautiful places, with price tags to match!

Is the unknown scary or exciting? I give it the meaning it has for me, so for each moment, it’s whatever I say it is! Whenever I look at my life as an adventure, it’s exciting. On the other hand, when I’m overly focused on what I think brings security—a home, a relationship, money—I feel afraid whenever that security seems to be threatened.

Having a safe and comfortable place to call home feels like security, but it can all be gone in a “New York minute.” During the home selling/buying process, I intend to do my best to keep in mind:

Real security comes from my relationship with a Higher Power—an “inner spiritual connection” that no one can take away from me. Everything else is temporary.


This reminds me of a song: “No Solid Ground” from the CD of the same name by Donna Marie Cary. (There is no solid ground but the one my heart stands on.) Music inspired by “A Course in Miracles.”