Don’t Take Life for Granite!

Granite Granted

I’ve got granite on my mind. Yesterday my husband and I walked endlessly (it seemed) in two huge granite and marble warehouses. Who knew there were so many varieties from which to choose? We’re upgrading our kitchen countertops (among other improvements) prior to listing our home for sale. And we still don’t have a clue as to where we’re moving.

With the many decisions and possible paths for us now that we no longer have job constraints, it’s easy to get caught up in the future. But life is happening right here, right now!

This was made ever so clear to me when I took a trip last weekend to visit a family member who is not doing well physically. How many times do I find myself to “pole vaulting over mouse turds” when I lose sight of the bigger picture?

The answer for me is to find appreciation for this moment and trust that I’m being guided spiritually from within (as is everyone)—along with practicing self-forgiveness as quickly as possible for my lapses in appreciation and trust.

Yes, it’s easier said than done. Yet when I invite spiritual help as I look for something for which to be grateful, something always pops into my head. When I decide to trust my all-loving Higher Power and the unseen world underlying the material realm, synchronicities appear. When I find myself on the pity pot, the act of being aware of this brings me the opportunity to choose again.

A few deep breaths and I’m right here, right now, enjoying spring!


Please note: This is fine for the little things. However, at times there’s more to my discomfort that requires feeling and expressing, accepting, opening to a new understanding, and releasing with love. I talk in depth about this in “The Inner Connection.”