Another Way to View Christmas

I just read this message (Dec. 18, 2016, The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele) and am still tingling as I resonate with the Arcturian viewpoint. Any of you who have read my book, “The Inner Connection,” will know that my love and respect of the Arcturians is not new. This message is not new. However, it succinctly reminds us that “greater things” by ordinary men and women on earth are possible, since we are not mere mortals but spiritual beings having human experiences. Yes, all of us, at various levels of awareness.

I wish I could say that I live this knowledge in every moment but it’s not true. However, as I review my day and see where I might improve, I am content to be progressing in the direction of greater light (awareness) as I intend to bring the feeling of unconditional love into all of my holiday doings…

Merry Christmas!